A Movie with Catherine Deneuve

Mano and Halperin are two Tel-Aviv singles in their fifties, old school mates, still in search for the woman of their dreams. One day they accidently bump into another old school mate of theirs, whom they haven’t seen for a long time. This guy looks much younger than his age and, as it turns out, lives on an isolated farm in the Negev where he runs a spiritual center that offers special treatments based on tantric sex techniques. One of his patients is the renowned French film star Catherine Deneuve. Mano and Halperin accept their friend’s invitation to visit him at his desert oasis and head south. On their journey there they pick up two women: One is Natalie, a dazzling escort girl on the run from her employers; the other is Halperin’s frail elderly aunt Pnina, a great fan of Catherine Deneuve, who’s just slided into a state of coma, out of which they, however, hope a face-to-face encounter with her idol will awaken.



 Mammoushi Productions & EZ Films present:


Catherine Poster (1754 x 2483)



by Omri Yavin ( Israel 2014 )



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